A place where ‘being broke’ is the evergreen debate

For a college student, the times are tough. Being surrounded by deadlines, worrying about getting a decent job, and being constantly broke – that’s college life in a nutshell. As a college student money is pretty tight and even though you are funding your child’s education or is being taken care of by a student’s loan, money is still a problem. Instant noodles are a de facto diet of broke and frugal beings aka students. Despite being busy with studies and assignments, college students are always on the lookout for opportunities to make an extra buck for their pocket money.

If your child is about to embark on the journey to graduation studies or is already neck-deep in it, you should start looking for best investment plans that can help your child be financially free. For best returns on the investment, you should consider investing in P2P. Peer-To-Peer Investing is suitable for college students since the minimum amount isn’t heavy on the pocket. P2P lending offers fixed monthly returns, which means no more broke days and a fixed pocket money every month for your child.

Why is investing in P2P a good option for college students? Well, there is not one but many reasons. P2P investments will help your child earn regular monthly income without having to invest their time anywhere other than academics. The returns on investment can act as their pocket money. College is a window to the real world, if your child doesn’t learn to manage their money before stepping into the real world, they might be in trouble – that is exactly what investing in P2P teaches them. When you invest the money for your child and give them the responsibility to manage the investment, they will automatically cut down on their expenses and use the saved money to reinvest because of the best returns on the investment.

While cutting down on expenses is the need of the hour, the catch is to learn how to do that. Teach your kids the art of saving and the best way to spend a limited amount of money is by making a monthly budget and sticking to it. If they use a postpaid mobile connection, ask them to switch to prepaid. Teach them to not be lured by offers like ‘buy two get one free’. If they wish to buy something, advise them to go for online shopping as they can compare the prices conveniently. When travelling, they should choose cheaper yet comfortable accommodations like homestays and B&Bs.

Invest in P2P today for your child and earn high returns on your investment. When you invest with www.tachyloans.com your child says goodbye to broke college days.

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