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About TachyLoans

TachyLoans is a State-of-the-art digital platform that facilitates quick and hassle-free loans in simpler, swifter and smarter way to individuals. The platform is built using the latest technology trends in the market that includes Block Chain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics. TachyLoans caters to the financial need of individuals by offering school education loans, loans for online courses/professional certifications, skill development training loans and loans for salaried employees.

How it Works?

The platform uses a 360 degree credit evaluation model to ensure that only credit-worthy borrowers get on-boarded and offers digital solution for KYC, Bank statement and other Financials analysis, Credit Scoring and Loan Monitoring to NBFCs and Banks.

The entire process of registration, online verification, agreement sign up (e-agreement/offline agreement) and loan disbursement has been made simpler while maintaining transparency throughout the process.

Right from sourcing of borrowers to post disbursal monitoring, platform takes care of the following:

Registration Process Flow

Tachyloans - Registration_process_flow