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Can I take an Education Loan for MBA without collateral Security?

The answer is yes. You can take an education loan for MBA without collateral security.

Everyone looks for some form of upliftment. One can be a student aspiring for a better prospectus or a job holder looking for something more exciting, engaging and growth-oriented. A better degree or diploma could possibly give that edge to add a lot of value to the future prospects. An MBA as we know has multiple future opportunities and opens doors for umpteen opportunities. It comes with diverse streams and many branches that will further the process of a better tomorrow.


Education loan for MBA

Educational loans come into the picture since they are a great financial aid to anyone who wants to study abroad or either in India. Education loans will give the right support at the right time and are specifically designed for aspiring students or working professionals. Though an education loan works for all levels of study, the focus of this article is on MBA. It provides timely financial assistance required by prospective students.

What is the collateral?

Loans, traditionally, require collateral. A collateral is an immovable property mostly assets that are used to secure the loan that a financier offers to the borrower. If you stop repaying, the bank can effectively seize the collateral.

Is it compulsory to take one?

If the loan amount is below 4 Lakhs, one does not need a collateral. One can, however, reduce the hassle by opting for something more secure, smart, convenient and comfortable.

What are the benefits of taking collateral free loans?

  • One does not have to worry about losing assets
  • One does not accumulate stress due to repayment deadline
  • Benefit for those who don’t have any collateral
  • No track record requirement

TachyLoans offers simple, sustainable, completely digital solutions to all. It offers affordable, student-friendly interest rates that incidentally work for even working professionals. TachyLoans is a Fintech company that offers educational loans for various levels from school to Professional courses like an MBA. It is especially useful and beneficial for those who want to avoid the cumbersome struggle of going to the bank and availing timely loans. It allows for skill enhancement and swift, efficient loan process.

Why Choose TachyLoans?

  • Collateral free loans
  • Efficient service
  • Quick approval of loans
  • A holistic digital experience
  • An instant e-KYC verification process
  • Rapid processing of loans
  • Convenient loans
  • Prepayment and repayment options as per wish
  • Maintenance of privacy
  • Digital experience in a smart way

This extremely transparent, cost-efficient, seamless service fits well into the current lending scene. One gets loans at competitive interest rates and minimal documentation. In this simple manner, one can avail as per wish at interest rates like 11.5%. They have an easy monthly payback scheme as well. TachyLoans offers secure, confidential means to fulfil your dreams and aspirations. They offer flexible EMI plans and a great customer service whose response levels are unmatched. One gets the loan sanctioned quickly to fuel ambitions. Also, since it is completely online, it is accessible and a complete win-win platform.

What is the process to apply Education loan for MBA?

  • Apply Online
  • Upload documents
  • Loan sanction

If one has any queries, they can contact the customer service which is highly responsive and efficient.


What is the eligibility criterion for availing TachyLoans?

  • Resident Indian
  • Valid bank account, income proof, PAN, educational qualifications
  • Water bill/Aadhar/Voter ID/Passport/Electricity Bill/Landline Bill
  • Proof of income that is Bank Statement of the last 6 months, salary slip, ITR for working professionals.
  • Any other information as per requirement or discretion.

An MBA is definitely a positive step to succeed and have a better future in terms of professional growth. These quick collateral free Education loan for MBA are the solution for a lifetime learning. With TachyLoans your MBA and a bright future is just a click away.

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