The Advent of the Indian Financial Digital Era

The eve of 8th November 2016 witnessed a historical incident – Demonetization. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced the annulment of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes to curb the flow of black money in the country. The announcement took the nation by surprise and created a turmoil in the stock market. With demonetization, the bond interest rates and the real estate market saw major fluctuations. It has been over a year since demonetization and there have been both positive and negative reviews about it. while a lot of business and asset classes may have been impacted in the short-term or medium-term, what still stands strong is the digital payment companies.

The year that went by saw an exponential growth in digital payments. From UPI, PPI, AEPS, NEFT AND RTGS to Digital Lending, post demonetization, there has been a paradigm shift in the whole financial scenario. As far as the investments are concerned, the experts believe that as a result of demonetization, the stock markets will remain disturbed for at least 6 months to a year. All fixed return investment options are likely to give fewer returns in future, the prices of gold and real estate are falling, and the stock market is going topsy-turvy, there is one investment option that remains unaffected – Digital Lending platforms. In the times of financial chaos, investing in digital lending guarantees best returns on investments.

Digital lending platforms are an online place for lenders and borrowers. They can negotiate and deal in a way that is transparent and hassle-free. There are no market risks involved, and the investors can earn returns up to 25%. The lenders can choose from a list of creditworthy borrowers, which makes digital lending a safer investment option.

Digital lending platforms are a step towards digitizing the nation. With initiatives like ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’, and ‘Digital Payments’, there is a wide scope in the digital world. Digitization is going to make the services faster, cheaper, and more accessible to both people as well as businesses. These new-age digital lending organizations will bring world-class technology and streamlined operations and processes to the business, which will be powered by cross-channel data support and analytics. Most importantly, customer experience, as a whole, will be made less-cumbersome and more pleasant when it comes to availing a small and quick personal loans.

Digital lending is transforming the way FinTech markets have been operating till now. This new kid on the block is definitely here to stay and will take the market by storm. To avail quick and instant loans or to invest in digital lending, visit


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