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School education Loans

Quality education is a priority and still a distant dream for many. It is highly essential to create a successful and secured future. The burgeoning school fees need no introduction, as well. This creates a paradox between need for education and the rising costs. Education is getting expensive by the day. Despite Right to Education, the high fees and rising costs have become a source of worry for parents. Some have reportedly taken debts to be able to fund their child’s education. Nowadays secondary school costs anywhere between 3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs including all the extra facilities schools claim to provide. These 6 digit fees are only increasing the tension and making it difficult to plan a secure future. The fees are often so high that one has to resort to school education loans to send the kids to school.

What are School Education Loans?

We have heard of loans for professional courses or further study. School education loans are those loans that will help fund your school education. They seek to cement your basic knowledge and allow you to go to school when the primary or secondary education fees crosses a spendable threshold limit. This limit as we know is relative.

Why should one go for an educational loan over a personal one?

Many parents think a personal loan would serve the purpose better for even education. This is where a credit mistake is made. A personal loan comes at a higher rate of interest while an education loan is hassle free, convenient and specifically meant to serve the education purpose and cause. A personal loan, however, can be used for any purpose and this may divert the fund to something that occupies priority at that time.

What are the benefits of taking a school education loan?

  • Easily available
  • Varied loan amounts
  • Aids completion of education
  • Aids eventual value addition to the society

This is where TachyLoans comes into the picture. It provides easy, reliable, convenient loan amounts specifically to aid and support school education. They seek to allow children to reach their goals with an ease and vision like never before. It offers loans for all salaried people and self employed. One can get up to Rs. 5 lakh in a transparent, efficient manner. This is especially beneficial for those who want to avoid the struggle of going to a bank and availing a loan post producing a lot of information.

What is the USP of TachyLoans?

Provision of school education loans in a lucid manner bereft a cumbersome process. One gets hassle free loans and this is time and money saving.

What are the features of the School education loans offered by TachyLoans?

  • Instant Loan approval
  •  Easy procedure like e-KYC verification
  •  Secure and confidential
  •  Privacy is maintained
  •  Loans at competitive interest rates
  •  Collateral free loans
  •  Full repayment or part repayment options
  •  Hassle free amount access
  •  Easy digital experience through a smart portal

Some interesting features of the School Education Loans are-

  • Amounts from 20K to 5L
  • Interest rates start from 11.5%
  • Easy monthly payback
  • Salaried as well as business people can apply

What is the eligibility criterion?

  • Resident Indian
  • A valid bank account, income proof or PAN
  • BSNL Landline bill/voter ID/Aadhaar
  • Additional information as per request

With TachyLoans, you can lay the building blocks of your child’s precious future. This will help manage the costs and expenses without compromising on resources or expectations. A loan will also inculcate financial discipline and prove to be a simple, smart and efficient way to allow your child study in the school of his/her choice.


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