Whether you want an additional monthly income, build your wealth, ease the financial stress, or secure your retirement, passive income is one of the best ways to do it. Passive income or residual income is the income you get after a job is done or through passive activities. Income from businesses that do not require your direct involvement, royalties, and income from real estate or a property can be classified as passive income. Passive income appeals to people who are worried about not being able to save enough from their work earnings.

Although it is called passive income, it requires an active effort. The thought of not having to work for money is great, but 100% passive income does not exist. If you are thinking about creating a passive income stream, here are some ideas.

10 Ideas For Passive Income Stream:

● Residential property:

Since ages, the property has been a favourite asset class. Investing in a residential property can create a passive income stream for you. You can rent your property and earn rental income every month. This passive income requires a one-time investment and yields long-term returns.

● Website/Blog:

A popular website or a blog can be a source of income too. Let other brands run advertisements on your website or blog. You can earn passive income by being a referral marketer. Higher traffic means more income.

● Commercial property:

Just like residential property, the commercial property also creates an income stream in the form of rental income. However, income from commercial property is considered as business income and is taxed.

● Photos:

If you own a DSLR and can click decent pictures, you can also earn money. There are several websites that let you monetise your photos. Click a picture and upload on the website, and each time someone downloads the image, you get paid for it. This form of passive income can also be termed as royalty.

● E-books:

Another way of earning royalty is by publishing your book online. If you are the gifted writer, it’s time to sit with a pen and notebook. However, the challenge with this is to effectively sell and market your E-book.

● Stocks:

Almost like rental income, investing in stocks yield passive income for you in the form of dividends. The key to earning good dividends is to invest in a mature and established company.

● Bank deposits:

If you are not sure about investing your money, let it sit peacefully in a bank account and earn interest. This interest is the passive income and you can choose if you want this interest monthly, quarterly, or annually.

● Fixed deposits:

Much like bank deposits, fixed deposits can only be cashed at maturity. Investing in fixed deposits also yield interests that act as a passive income.

● Online classified websites:

Everybody is on the internet; therefore, it is the best place to sell and earn. There are several online classified websites that let you sell your used products online. Just upload the pictures to the website and earn money when it is sold.

● Freelancing jobs:

Freelancing jobs are pretty much like traditional jobs, but you get to work at your own pace and convenience. Sign up on a freelance jobs website and take up projects. The income that you earn for the service provided is a passive income.


Like always, there are two sides to a coin, similarly, passive income also has its own pros & cons. Passive income is a steady source of income once the business is established but in order to make that possible, you need to be patient and invest a lot of time. Passive income provides financial freedom as you are earning more than what you normally earn, however, to start a passive income stream, you might need a heavy investment. As you know that it might take a lot of time for your efforts to materialise, and in that process, you might lose some money too, but nonetheless, if you keep working hard, there is no limit on the amount of money you will earn each month.

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