Peer-To-Peer lending is the latest asset class that is wowing investors and borrowers because of its technologically driven platforms and the abundant benefits that it offers. P2P lending, also known as a marketplace or online lending is a platform that works well for both investors as well as borrowers. P2P lending is online, convenient, flexible, and becoming popular rapidly, which is why it is becoming the asset class of choice among the millennials.

P2P investing is easy and effortless and lets you earn returns from the very next month of investing. To start investing, you need to sign up on a P2P platform like Tachyloans and submit your identification documents. Post the online verification of documents you are eligible to bid on loan proposals to invest in. Choose from the list of creditworthy borrowers and decide where you want to invest your money. Once you have disbursed the money to a borrower, you will start earning monthly returns from the very next month.

Investments are a risky and complex business. Before investing anywhere, it is advisable to weigh the risks and personal circumstances. The following tips will educate and provide guidance to people who are interested in investing in P2P.

Higher The Interest Rate, More The Risk

For the borrowers that are deemed to be less creditworthy, P2P platforms set higher interest rates. The creditworthiness of the borrower is based on factors such as credit scores, income levels, type of employment, etc. Investors who choose to lend money to less creditworthy borrowers can expect higher returns but the risk of the borrower defaulting is also relatively high. Only lenders with a higher risk appetite need to invest in such loans.

Expect Defaults

Investing involves risks, and despite proper management of the investment portfolio, at some point in time, it is probable to experience a default. It is not unusual for lenders to earn exciting returns on a platform like Tachyloans, net returns are expected to ‘normalise’ between four and six years when they would’ve experienced some defaults that would normalise otherwise high returns.

Diversify Loans

When investing in P2P, it is not necessary for the investor to fund 100% of a loan amount. They can invest a smaller amount of money which will be pooled with the contributions of other lenders. This way, the investor can reduce the risk as all the money is not tied up with just one borrower. In simpler words, the investor can invest in several borrowers instead of just putting all their money in one loan.


Cashing out the returns instantly is highly not recommended. It is advisable to reinvest the earned returns and keep the monthly cashflow going. The investor should take advantage of the compounding yield by continually reinvesting the returns into new loans.


P2P platforms offer an auto-investment feature that lets the investors  keep their principal and interest fully invested. Auto-investment is a hassle-free option wherein the investor gets a list of creditworthy borrowers that match the investment criteria of the investor. This helps in eliminating idle cash balance. Keeping the cash balance low is beneficial as it helps you earn more returns.

Tachyloans is a platform that acts as an intermediary between investors and borrowers. To invest your money in the right place and earn high monthly returns, Tachyloans should be your choice.

Now that you know what are the do’s and don’ts of investing in P2P, it time to get started and use your money to benefit yourself.


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